The Department is well equipped with small instruments such as protein and nucleic acid gel electrophoresis systems, PCR thermocyclers, vortexes and micro centrifuges. The Department also possesses other routinely used laboratory equipment such as medium- and low-speed centrifuges, incubators, shakers, speed vacuums, balances, plus a fully equipped cell culture room.

The GloMax® 96 Microplate Luminometer is an easy-to-use, highly sensitive microplate luminometer with a broad dynamic range.

The Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System offers maximum performance in the minimum time.

Applications include gene expression analysis, pathogen quantitation, SNP genotyping, isothermal and +⁄– assays utilizing internal positive controls.

ChemiDoc™ XRS+ System. Gel imaging system, includes darkroom, UV transilluminator, epi-white illumination and camera.

EVOS® FLoid® Cell Imaging Station is a fully integrated system combining microscope optics, electronics and mechanics with an onboard computer and a widescreen LCD monitor.

The FLoid® Cell Imaging Station features three fluorescence color channels, the blue, green, and red fluorescent corresponding to the wavelengths of the most commonly used dyes: DAPI, FITC and Texas Red.


Class II laminar flow hoods provide an aseptic environment necessary for cell culture experiments.