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All our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike — and yet it is the most precious thing we have

(Albert Einstein)

Most Recent Publications

Manfreda, S., Link, O., Pizarro, A. A Theoretically Derived Probability Distribution of Scour, Water 2018. [pdf]

Manfreda, S., On the derivation of flow rating-curves in data-scarce environments, Journal of Hydrology, 2018. [pdf]

Dal Sasso, S. F., A. Pizarro, C. Samela, L. Mita, and S. Manfreda, Exploring the optimal experimental setup for surface flow velocity measurements using PTV, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2018. [pdf]

Manfreda, S., M.F. McCabe, P. Miller, R. Lucas, V. Pajuelo Madrigal, G. Mallinis, E. Ben Dor, D. Helman, L. Estes, G. Ciraolo, J. Müllerová, F. Tauro, M.I. De Lima, J.L. De Lima, F. Frances, K. Caylor, M. Kohv, A. Maltese, M. Perks, G. Ruiz-Pérez, Z. Su, G. Vico, B. Toth, On the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Monitoring. Remote Sensing, 2018. [pdf]

Manfreda, S.,Mita, L., S. F. Dal Sasso, C. Samela, L. Mancusi, Exploiting the Use of Physical Information for the Calibration of a Lumped Hydrological Model, Hydrological Processes, 2018. [pdf]

Samela, C., R. Albano, A. Sole, S. Manfreda, An open source GIS software tool for cost effective delineation of flood prone areas, Computers, Environment and Urban Systems,  2018. [pdf]

Tauro, F., J. Selker, N. van de Giesen, T. Abrate, R. Uijlenhoet, M. Porfiri, S. Manfreda, K. Caylor, T. Moramarco, J. Benveniste, G. Ciraolo, L. Estes, A. Domeneghetti, M. T. Perks, C. Corbari, E. Rabiei, G. Ravazzani, H. Bogena, A. Harfouche, L. Brocca, A. Maltese, A. Wickert, C. Cudennec, T. Blume, R. Hut, and S. Grimaldi, Measurements and Observations in the XXI century (MOXXI): innovation and multidisciplinarity to disclose the hydrological cycle, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 63:2, 169-196, (doi: 10.1080/02626667.2017.1420191) 2018.  [pdf]

Pizarro A., C. Samela, M. Fiorentino, O. Link, S. Manfreda, An entropy-based model for bridge-pier scour estimation under complex hydraulic scenarios, Water (MDPI), 2017. [pdf]

Samela, C., T.J. Troy, S. Manfreda, Geomorphic classifiers for flood-prone areas delineation for data-scarce environments, Advances in Water Resources, 2017. [pdf]

Baldwin, D., Manfreda, S., Keller, K., and Smithwick, E.A.H., Predicting root zone soil moisture with soil properties and satellite near-surface moisture data at locations across the United States, Journal of Hydrology, 2017. [pdf]

Manfreda, S., K. K. Caylor, S. Good, An Ecohydrological framework to explain shifts in vegetation organization across climatological gradients, Ecohydrology, 2017. [pdf]

Pizarro, A., B. Ettmer, S. Manfreda, A. Rojas, and O. Link, Effective Flow Work for Estimation of Pier Scour under Flood Waves, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2017. [Link]

D’Addabbo, A., A. Refice, G. Pasquariello, F. Lovergine, D. Capolongo, S. Manfreda, A Bayesian Network for Flood Detection Combining SAR Imagery and Ancillary Data, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2016. [pdf]

Samela, C., S. Manfreda, F. De Paola, M. Giugni, A. Sole, M. Fiorentino, DEM-based approaches for the delineation of flood prone areas in an ungauged basin in Africa,  Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 2016. [pdf]

Manfreda, S., C. Samela, A. Gioia, G. Consoli, V. Iacobellis,  L. Giuzio, A. Cantisani, A. Sole, Flood-Prone Areas Assessment Using Linear Binary Classifiers based on flood maps obtained from 1D and 2D hydraulic models,  Natural Hazards, 2015. [pdf]

Manfreda, S., F.Nardi, C. Samela, S. Grimaldi, A. C. Taramasso, G. Roth and A. Sole, Investigation on the Use of Geomorphic Approaches for the Delineation of Flood Prone Areas, Journal of Hydrology, 2014. [pdf]

Manfreda, S., L. Brocca, T. Moramarco, F. Melone, J. Sheffield, A physically based approach for the estimation of root-zone soil moisture from surface measurements,  Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 2014. [pdf]