The Master course will be delivered by a selected staff of academicians and technicians of the supporting companies. Both academic and technical courses will be taught in Potenza.

The Department of Sciences (University of Basilicata), in cooperation with Shell Italia E&P, Total E&P Italia, ENI S.p.a. and Confindustria Basilicata, promotes a one-year master course on Petroleum Geoscience. The course covers a wide range of subjects in the geoscience by integrating the research-based expertise of the academic world with the methods and practices of the energy sector. The goal is to prepare young and motivated graduates to enter in the energy industry. Specifically the course is designed for those willing to gain a new knowledge for the development of producing oil fields.

Potential candidates should possess a Laurea Magistrale (second level degree in the 3+2 system) in Geology, Geophysics, Natural Sciences and Mining, Petroleum, Environmental and Civil Engineering, or an equivalent foreign degree.


Lectures of the Master in Petroleum Geoscience started on January 22 with the first module (MD1: Introduction to Petroleum Geoscience).

The calendar of the Master can be downloaded here.