FloodRisk : a QGIS open-source plug-in for flood risk analysis. FloodRisk is a Python plug-in of Quantum GIS software. It can be used to support the identification of people and assets at risk, the planning and evaluation of effective flood mitigation and control measures, the creation of flood risk maps for awareness raising (Albano et al., 2017)


MYSIRR: a minimalist water-driven crop free open-source model for sustainable irrigation management using an eco-hydrological approach.  MYSIRR is a quantitative tool to assess and compare agricultural enterprises across climates, soil types, crops, and irrigation strategies, accounting for the unpredictability of the hydro-climatic forcing. It supports decision-makers to evaluate strategies for short- and long-term water resource management (Albano et al., 2017).


GeomorphicFloodArea: a QGIS open-source plug-in for flood-prone area delineation. GFA is a python model to realize a fast and cost-effective delineation of the floodplains in the contexts where the available data is scarce to carry out hydrological/hydraulic analyses. This algorithm uses the linear binary classification technique based on the recently proposed Geomorphic Flood Index (GFI) (Samela et al., 2018)


SimpleDambrk. A cost-effective GIS tool for a simplified prediction of the downstream flooding produced by a failure of a concrete dam. (Albano et al., 2019)